Re: Rolling out odlparent-8.1.0

Robert Varga

On 25/01/2021 16:16, Robert Varga wrote:
Hello everyone,

as I mentioned in November, I would like to roll out odlparent-8.1.0 to
replace the original MRI odlparent-8.0.x stream.

The preliminary patches to adopt these are living over here: .
The patches are out there.

Preliminary testing did not find anything broken, and if that gets
confirmed through a multipatch-build, I will ask for supercommitter
rights and merge it up either tomorrow (Tuesday) or on Wednesday.

If anybody has objections, please holler now :)
mutlitpatch-build seems to fail in lispflowmapping, not sure why. I have
tried the complete series locally and it works like a charm. I'd say
just merge it :)

Guillaume, can we put this up for a quick vote on the TSC call today?


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