Re: Turning AAA into a Release-Integrated project

Robert Varga

On 29/01/2021 23:45, Robert Varga wrote:
On 25/01/2021 11:49, Robert Varga wrote:
Hello everyone,

as I've been mentioning for past couple of releases, it is my intention
to peel the AAA project from autorelease and make it a Managed Release
Integrated project before Silicon branching occurs. This means AAA will
be in charge of producing its release artifacts and generally fall in
integration workflows designed for MRI projects.

The justification is three-fold:
- all of AAA's dependencies are release-integrated-
- the project is essentially dormant with the rate of change
well-controlled and mostly reacting to upstreams
- AAA is the last non-MRI dependency of NETCONF

As a AAA committer, do you have any objection to this change?
+1 from me.

If I don't hear any objections this week, I will default to pushing this
change through.
This makes it two out of four in favor with no objections.

I will work with autorelease and int/dist to make this happen next week.
This is now being integrated.


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