Technical debt report for January 2021

Robert Varga

Hello everyone,

this is a quick summary of current outstanding technical debt, as
reported by the autorelease build. I missed sending out the report for
November, sorry about that.

1.2.2021 4.1.2021 delta
Deprecated 1593 1623 -30
Deprecated for removal 841 1448 -607
Modernizer 109 196 -87

The second line is more critical, as those are things that either we or
our upstreams *will* remove. That number breaks down like this:

1.2.2021 4.1.2021 delta
Uint{8,16,32,64} (Mg) 250 407 -157
setFoo(List) (Al) 150 404 -254
isFoo() (Si) 76 342 -266
other 365 295 +70

The vast majority of migration method use is in Genius (340 out of 476),
leaving ~140 items to be resolved -- which is very much manageable.

MD-SAL will therefore remove codegen for these methods as part of the
Phosphorus MRI window.


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