Community meetings audit

Casey Cain

Hello, everyone.

It's time to review the community calendar meetings to clean up any unnecessary meetings and also make sure that any meetings that are missing from the calendar are included.  If you believe that one or more of these calls is no longer necessary, please let me know. Please also provide the details for meetings that are not currently on the community calendar.  I know of at least 1.  :) 

08:30 - OpenFlow Plugin (Bi-Weekly)
09:00 - OpenDaylight Technical Work Stream Call
22:00 - Weekly NetVirt Meeting

07:00 - ODL HWVTEP/IPv6 Weekly
07:30 - ODL Docs Meeting
09:00 - Kernel Projects Call
10:00 - ONAP/ODL Integration Sync (Monthly)
21:00 - Weekly Genius Meeting

08:00 - COE Weekly Meeting
09:00 - ODL Micro Weekly Meeting (Bi-Weekly, despite naming) :) 
09:00 - Service Function Chaining Weekly
14:00 - TSDR Weekly

08:00 - Simplifying ODL  (Bi-weekly)  
08:30 - BGPCEP (Bi-Weekly)
09:00 - ODL TSC US/Pacific Meeting  (Bi-weekly)
22:00 - ODL TSC APAC Meeting   (Bi-weekly)

Casey Cain
Technical Program Manager / Community Architect
Linux Foundation
IRC: CaseyLF
WeChat: okaru6
Voice: +1.408.641.0193

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