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Anil Belur

+1, It would also be good if these fields (description) can have some kind of default templates, so its easier for users to raise any issue and provide comprehensive information in the ticket. reducing the challenge-response. 

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I forgot that, thanks for reminding me, Guillaume!


Should we put it under ?






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Thanks Navid


For information, most of best practices have now been migrated to the documentation contributor guides







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Hi All,


Here is the list of fields I believe we should make them mandatory in any jira ticket. I have added description with some example values for each field. As mentioned in our last TSC call, this may help automating the project release tracking and release notes publication.


please let me know what your thoughts are.


We should also find a good place in wiki to publish it. Maybe under Best Practices (







description: project name

values: aaa/bgpcep/controller/daexim/distribution/infrautils/jsonrpc/lispflowmapping/netconf/netvirt/openflowplugin/ovsdb/serviceutils/tpce



description: the importance of ticket

values: Highest, High, Medium, Low, Lowest



description: issue type

values: Bug/New Feature/Task/Improvement/Deprecate



description: the status of ticket

values: Open/In Progress/In Review/Confirmed/Verified/Resolved/Closed/Done/Open



description: the version that the issue was seen (it’s only applicable to bugs)

values: aluminum/silicon/etc.; “None” to be used for anything other than “Bug”



description: the version that includes the bug fix, new feature, behavior/feature change (improvement), or deprecated feature (the first time that the feature is being disappeared)

values: aluminum/silicon/etc.



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