Re: Release Interview

Anil Belur

On Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 11:09 PM Robert Varga <nite@...> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I would also like to raise two concerns:

1) this particular conversation is point-to-point and not on mailing
list. I do not see *any* reason for it to be private, so can everyone
here *default* to mailing lists, please?

2) we are slipping more and more into *only* using meetings. There is
very little in terms of asynchronous (and public) communication going on
-- and very quickly 'on meetings' is becoming the only place where any
work is being done.

If you look at LFX, the second trend is clearly visible in graphs when
you look at on which days things tend to happen.

I am not sure what 'interview' is meant to mean here.

Honestly, as the guy who contributed 53% of changes in past 6 months and
83.5% of changes in last 90 days, I just do not have the cycles to
edit/maintain wiki pages -- this is effectively creating reports and as
such it *must* be automated. Any and all maintenance must be a natural
part of the development workflow -- i.e. things like 'which versions are
in Silicon MRI' absolutely must have a single place in Gerrit and that
place needs to be updated as part of the version bump process -- just

I have raised the issue of our release notes templates being unusable to
pretty much everyone at least three times over the course of past three
years, yet nothing has changed.

They are useless to developers, simply because things are not tied to
anything developer-tangible. It is unusable to marketing, because it
deals with 'features' and similar technical constructs. It is useless to
our end users, as it is not tied to use cases.

Each and every single release we go through the same exercise and basics
do not change.

Per-project release notes should look something like:
-- note how pretty much everything in that is easily scripted and automated.

The overall SimRel notes should look something like:

Both of those should be created in a collaborative and open fashion and
ultimately hosted in a git repository (probably docs).

As for timing, please understand that these documents come to life at
SimRel start and *NOT* just before SimRel is released -- they need to be
*finalized* in the few weeks between code freeze and release
announcement. What that means in concrete terms is that for Silicon
these should have been started on 2020-09-17 at the latest -- and
preferably just after 2020-08-03.


Hello Robert: 

I agree with the way release notes are managed for ODL $project might need to be changed, the versions number by themselves are meaningless without more information. 
For a while for lf-releng/global-jjb and releng/lftools repos we are managing the release notes with reno.


Maybe ODL projects should move to using this tool or something similar?


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