Re: Silicon SR1 CSIT check

Luis Gomez

AFAIK, the only remaining issue is the BGP perf test and this patch can partially take care of it (fixes the test to pass):


On May 25, 2021, at 8:13 AM, Daniel de la Rosa <ddelarosa0707@...> wrote:

Team, do we have any update on this? just making sure so we can move forward with another RCĀ 


On Tue, May 18, 2021 at 1:20 PM Robert Varga <nite@...> wrote:
On 18/05/2021 21:07, Luis Gomez wrote:
> CSIT cluster jobs use distribution bin/ script:

Right, and we need this backport:

The second step is to rehost that script to controller, but I'll need to
figure out how to do that in packaging-friendly way.

> And this script uses controller project files in ${CONTROLLER_DIR}/system/org/opendaylight/controller/sal-clustering-config, according to the link above.
> So maybe we just need to update these files in controller project?

Yes, but only for the downing provider -- for the akka.tcp, we'll need
something like (but
handling both Artery and Classic remoting).


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