Re: Update on Phosphorus (21.09) release

Robert Varga

On 06/07/2021 18:08, Robert Varga wrote:
Hello everyone,

here is a quick update on the long-overdue MRI version bump and overall
Phosphorus release status.

As of now, all MRI projects have been integrated into autorelease and
int/dist -- i.e. karaf-0.15.0-SNAPSHOT contains odlparent-9.0.2 et al.
and this fact is reflected here:

Also tonight's autorelease-release-phosphorus (expected #131) should
carry all the changes, hence we should have some good data on CSIT
health tomorrow.
Alright, so the health is almost okay, except three things so far:

1) BGPCEP is not being treated as MRI project by tests, which should be
fixed via

2) There seems to be some amount of breakage around Entity Ownership
shard no longer being present, which should be fixed via

3) Old restconf has a porting bug,, which will need
another version bump to fix


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