Re: [release] Phosphorus Code Freeze for formal release

Robert Varga

On 15/09/2021 21:40, Robert Varga wrote:
On 15/09/2021 17:29, Luis Gomez wrote:
Looks like we have a regression on bgpcep: <>
Yes, the failures are caused by int/test's libraries not being able to deal with the new Entity Ownership Service implementation.
Tomas is working on fixing that here:
Once that is addressed and we still have real failures, we'll solve them through a bgpcep version bump.
So aside from the CSIT updates we'll also need an updated bgpcep release because we have busted BMP server-side and all test tools.

bgpcep-0.16.5 is being promoted now to address these issues.




On Sep 14, 2021, at 1:41 PM, Daniel de la Rosa <ddelarosa0707@... <mailto:ddelarosa0707@...>> wrote:

Hello TSC and all

We are going to codefreezePhosphorus for all Managed Projects ( cut and lock release branches ) on Monday September 20th at 10 am pst

Please remember that we only allow blocker bug fixes in release branch after code freezes

Daniel de la Rosa
ODL Release Manager


ps. Release schedule and checklist for your reference <> <>



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