Re: Phosphorus release, input to marketing

Daniel de la Rosa

On Thu, Sep 23, 2021 at 1:32 PM Robert Varga <nite@...> wrote:
On 20/09/2021 05:57, Daniel de la Rosa wrote:
> Hello TSC and all

Hey Daniel,

> As we agree, I have updated the filters on this page.
> <>
> to try to capture the bug fixes and enhancements for each of the managed
> projects since phosphorus started ( 3/17/2021).
> Please  let us know if this list of jira tickets is representative of
> the work for each of your projects in this release. Additionally and
> more important, please  provide a summary on the page or reply with this
> email, with the highlights for each of your projects so LFN
> marketing can get ready for this release.

As I stated before, I do not believe Confluence is the right tool here
for long term.

Since we are already maintaining release notes here:

I think that page should be our primary "release notes" collateral.

I have started updating individual project release notes, like Controller:

yes i agree, this does look better than the confluence page ...  and I think you meant this page right?

which looks great, so lets go with this page. I'll just link the confluence page to this page instead 

The end result is very maintainable structure, which can be just updated
(perhaps subject to automation), rather than recreated every time anew.

As for marketing ... what is really the marketing strategy being
executed? Is it just a simple article on

Yes, an article that highlights new features, enhancements and fixes In Phosphorus. We agree on the last TSC to dedicate time on the next meeting to review this as  a group. Hoep you can join us to review these release notes 



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