Re: Log4Shell impacts on ODL releases

Robert Varga

On 21/01/2022 07:31, Robert Varga wrote:
On 20/01/2022 11:30, Robert Varga wrote:
    - Silicon is currently in its Security Support period past its last
    scheduled Service Release, hence will receive an unscheduled
    security-driven SR4 in near future

We can review this in the TSC but I think we can release Silicon SR4 after Phosphorus SR2 and before Sulfur. Thoughts?
Actually, these updates are already pushed out on the branch, i.e. should be okay to release.
So pretty much everything is actually okay, except BGPCEP, which is showing regressions around TCP-MD5 handling. This is most probably related to netty-4.1.72+ upgrade in OSGi environment. tracks this. It is also affecting Phosphorus SR2 (but that also has a different problem).


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