OpenDaylight 2022 TSC Election Nomination period is open

Casey Cain

Hello everyone,

The election and nomination process is for those individuals who have committer rights on one or more OpenDaylight Projects and Active Community Members (ACM). All OpenDaylight Committers and ACMs can nominate themselves, run for election, and vote in the election for the Committer-At-Large seats on the TSC. 
  • A Committer is a contributor that has the authority, and responsibility to submit changes to an OpenDaylight software repository.
    • 5 seats
  • Active Community Members: Anyone from the OpenDaylight community with twenty (20) or more measurable contributions during the previous 12-month period, inclusive of code merged, code reviews performed, wiki page edits, or JIRA activities.
    • 2 seats

Details on the election process may be found here.

Dates to Remember

Nomination Period: 04 Mar 2022 to 17 Mar 2022
Voting Period: 17 Mar 2022 to 31 Mar 2022 

How to participate

Members who are interested in joining the TSC must self-nominate before the nomination period closes here:

Casey Cain
Senior Technical Community Architect
Linux Foundation
WeChat: okaru6
WhatsApp: +1.503.779.4519

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