Re: [release] Sulfur code freeze

Robert Varga

On 07/03/2022 17:00, Daniel de la Rosa wrote:
Hello TSC and all
We are going to code freeze Sulfur for all Managed Projects ( cut and lock release branches ) on Monday March  14th at 10 am UTC
Please remember that we only allow blocker bug fixes in release branch after code freezes
From MRI perspective, we are ... 5? ... months behind the schedule. The good news is that MDSAL-696, which was blocking yangtools-8 -> mdsal-9 integration is done and dusted.

Next steps are to integrate with:
- controller-5 (done unless maven-verify finds something)
- aaa-0.15 (should be a breeze)
- netconf-3 (not trivial, but the pieces should be mostly there)
- bgpcep-0.17 (not sure, if we pass this we should be okay overall)

As it stands, I expect the MRI projects to be ready to integrate on Friday the 11th, with bgpcep-0.17 integration gating yangtools-8 release.


Daniel de la Rosa
ODL Release Manager
ps. Release schedule and checklist for your reference <> <>
Daniel de la Rosa
ODL Release Manager

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