Re: [release] Sulfur code freeze

Robert Varga

On 16/03/2022 23:46, Robert Varga wrote:
On 16/03/2022 00:53, Daniel de la Rosa wrote:
Hello Robert
Hello Daniel,

    The major outstanding item are the MD-SAL regressions detected in ovsdb
    (and same thing is biting netconf) and bgpcep, tracked as MDSAL-731 and
    MDSAL-735 respectivelly.

Another day has passed :) so i guess we have to wait until these two are fixed to pick a RC?
Yes, unfortunately and I am still struggling with the fix, it turns out to be more complicated than expected, but I am converging on a solution.
Alright, so MDSAL-731 is fixed and it makes MDSAL-735 more diagnosable -- I plan to squash that today.


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