Re: [release] Sulfur code freeze

Robert Varga

On 31/03/2022 17:41, Robert Varga wrote:
Alright, everything has been merged up.
int/dist and autorelease need to have their jobs updated to use maven-3.8, please review the patches here:
I am writing up the release notes and upgrade guide next.
So looking at we have plenty of badness.

The core problem is that a ton of test suites are depending on OPERATIONAL_API, which points to old RESTCONF, which is no longer installed by default. I have to install it for now, but we need to eventually (very soon) ditch it.

Luis, any idea on how to fix that in a sensible manner?

Also, RF is now reporting a ton of ugly 'Keyword 'BuiltIn.Run Keyword Unless' is deprecated.' messages -- I'll take a peek next week unless somebody beats me to it.

Finally, I am tracking two regressions in MD-SAL (already fixed) and one in NETCONF (next on the list), but I'd like to get a better reading on CSIT before rolling out the corresponding releases out.


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