Re: [release] 2022.09 Chlorine MRI status

Robert Varga

On 07/07/2022 09:00, Daniel de la Rosa wrote:
On Wed, Jul 6, 2022 at 4:35 PM Robert Varga <nite@... <mailto:nite@...>> wrote:
Hello everyone,
Since we are well in the 2022.09 Simultaneous Release (Chlorine), here
is a quick summary of where we are at:
- MRI projects up to and including AAA have released
- MSI projects have preliminary patches staged at
These are complete AFAICT. No major headaches. I expect to write up the docs for that in August (I am on PTO for the rest of the month).

- NETCONF is awaiting a bug scrub and the corresponding release. There
are quite a few issues to scrub and we also need some amount of code
reorg withing the repo, which in itself may entail breaking changes.
There are quite a few unreviewed patches pendign as well. Given the
raging summer in the northern hemosphere, I expect netconf-4.0.0
to happen in about 2-3 weeks' time (i.e. last week of July 2022)
This has been scrubbed, there are 7 outstanding issues as of now. Some of those may be postponed, I'll know more as I dive into them ~2 weeks from how.

- BGPCEP has a few deliverables yet to be finished and the
0.18.0 release being dependent on NETCONF, my working assumption is
having the release available mid-August 2022
As such, everyone running Java should have Java 17 as their default
environment. Not only is it cool as $EXPLENTIVE, but it is becoming a
requirement very soon. 2022.03 Sulfur is handling it just fine (as far
as I know) and you cannot interact with 2022.09 Chlorine without it.
Daniel: is the Chlorine scheduled approved? My (inprefect) tracking
it is yet to be voted on.
Well I got your approval <>
but I can put out for vote and hopefully get it approved on next TSC meeting
That would be great, I do not believe we have it reflected in the docs project yet...


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