TransportPCE evolution

Gilles Thouenon

Dear TSC members,


During the TSC meeting of June 30, Guillaume Lambert briefly presented to you our proposal to make TransportPCE project structure evolve. The purpose of this email is to summarize the evolution that we wish to implement from the Chlorine release, for validation by the TSC.


Currently, the TransportPCE project implements data models from the OpenROADM community and from ONF (T-API). All these models are systematically compiled at the beginning of the project build step, which somewhere is useless.

This step already takes a lot of time, and will increase even more because in the medium term the project is moving towards implementing new additional models (openconfig).

Moreover, past experience, especially with the migration to Sulfur, shows us that a number of problems/regressions are directly related to yang models. Having visibility as quickly as possible on the compilation of all these models when core projects such as yangtools or mdsal evolve, would probably help to quickly detect possible bugs during major evolutions.

This is the reason why we would like to export the compilation step of these official models to a new dedicated project (transportpce-models) which would have its own gerrit repo (see my request for a new repo IT-24286).
With each new release (of models and ODL), the models would be compiled once and for all, and the TransportPCE project would use them by simple maven dependency.
These models could if necessary be reused by another project (typically the node simulator used for our functional tests which implements part of these models), and also be used in the CI of yangtools/mdsal/etc.


Thank you in advance to the TSC for agreeing to give us its agreement to implement this change, and if necessary its recommendations if there are any.


Gilles Thouenon

TransportPCE PTL


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