OpenDaylight Survey - Draft

Filip Sterling

Hi TSC, (+ Pano on CC)

as discussed on the last meeting, I would like to propose a survey for OpenDaylight users, in order to get a better angle on our community and users of OpenDaylight.

Feel free to think about any additional questions that might be suitable for the survey. Do keep in mind, that it should be shorter, in order to encourage users to answer.

In order to visualize it better, I created a mockup in a tool called Tally: (Most questions are marked as required, except for one optional field)

The ideal outcome would be 50+ responses and a sort of 1-pager, discussing what the results indicate for the project.

@Pano: Does LFN have some kind of tool where we could create the survey and validate them? I will gladly take part in creating the output of this survey with you.

Looking forward to any feedback,

Filip Čúzy

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