Git workflows

Robert Varga


I am slowly catching up on things from last month. One item is the subject of Github workflows.

There are a number of unresolved issues, some of which may be my ignorance of the outside world (in which case I would *love* to be proven wrong). Here is the list:

1. Support for multiple branches
It is OpenDaylight policy to support up to 3 branches at any given time for any MSI project. For MRI projects, that number gets to 4 for periods last 2-5 months -- as is the case for YANG tools right now, we have:
- yangtools-7.0.x for 2022.03 Phosphorus security support
- yangtools-8.0.x for 2022.06 Sulfur
- yangtools-9.0.x for 2022.09 Chlorine
- yangtools-master for 2023.03 Argon

As far as I know, Github does not provide the equivalent of Gerrit cherry-picks out of the box. That certainly was the case ~5 years when I investigated this more deeply.

The crux of the issue seems to be Change-ID and its tie-in with GH PRs. I was told by Andy Grimberg this is nigh impossible to reconcile. Change-ID is critical for cross-referencing commits, because equivalent patches can look very differently on each supported branch.

That having been said, I do believe this is fixable by automation, e.g. having a bot assign Change-IDs for a PR and squashing each PR into a single patch -- which then can be projected to Gerrit, allowing for migration. I am not aware of such a bot existing, so I track this as something would have to be contributed.

2. Permissions
Github is a system external to LF. As such, I do not think there is infrastructure present to project each project's INFO.yaml into Github permissions. AFAICT the only existing thing is the 'OpenDaylight project', which is an all-or-nothing thing. That is something LF IT has to tackle before we consider migrating.

3. Verification
Our current infrastructure is tied to Jenkins. A switch to GH requires that a PR triggers the appropriate jobs in Jenkins. Unless we are talking a straight-up move to GH Actions, we need point 1. to be solved and drive verification projected from Gerrit back to GH. If GH actions are in the picture, at least maven-verify need to be migrated. Again, this needs a community contribution.

Now, I am not a nay-sayer, but we have a sh*tload of things going and migrating it requires some serious man-power and for those uninitiated, I like to quote Thanh: "Getting Eclipse build where it is was a twelve month effort for three dedicated people" (IIRC). We no longer have Thanh and all his dedication and experience.

I have used this quote when someone proposed moving to Gradle. Moving to GH workflows is harder.

If we are to tackle this, we need to solve above problems in order: 2, 1, 3. I will lend my support to anyone seriously committed to this undertaking.

At the end of the day, this is not impossible. The OpenJDK community has executed a full transition from custom Mercurial workflows (webrev et al.) to GitHub PRs -- but that transition includes a metric ton of automation which had to be written from scratch. We as a community are struggling to get to Jenkins Pipelines, which is dead simple in comparison.

So, Venkat, as the one proposing this change, are you in a position and willing to drive it to completion?


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