Re: Git workflows

Robert Varga

On 09/08/2022 22:58, Robert Varga wrote:
Sorry to self-reply.


At the end of the day, this is not impossible. The OpenJDK community has executed a full transition from custom Mercurial workflows (webrev et al.) to GitHub PRs -- but that transition includes a metric ton of automation which had to be written from scratch.
A typical Java PR looks like this:

Note that the actual management is done by "openjdk" bot, including
responding to commands by authorized users: has the following workflow results:

2. @openjdk openjdk bot added the integrated label 5 days ago
3. @openjdk openjdk bot closed this 5 days ago
4. @openjdk openjdk bot removed ready rfr labels 5 days ago

I am not saying we need all of this (although that would be awesome), but we absolutely require 50% of this.

Note that inter-release OpenJDK requires explicit backports tracked in JIRA like here: That side-steps a workflow across multiple Git branches. I do not believe our community does not have the resources to support that amount of overhead, so we need something better here (which in turn implies Change-ID).


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