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Robert Varga

On 09/08/2022 22:58, Robert Varga wrote:
Sorry, a clarification:

Now, I am not a nay-sayer, but we have a sh*tload of things going and migrating it requires some serious man-power and for those uninitiated, I like to quote Thanh: "Getting Eclipse build where it is was a twelve month effort for three dedicated people" (IIRC). We no longer have Thanh and all his dedication and experience.
This cost Eclipse 3MY to execute. The lesson Thanh offered here is this (paraphrasing):

"The problem is you are not done until all workflows execute perfectly. Making an up-front analysis effectively means a full migration, because you have to see what each and every project does. Projects do weird things."

You will not believe that last sentence until you have experienced it. When you do, it will fundamentally change your perspective. Trust me: been there, done that, multiple times. I would never agree before, I cannot over-emphasize now.

Based on my recent (past 24 months) experience, the break down goes down like this:
1. migrate first project: 1 month
2. migrate next 4 projects: 3 months
3. migrate next 5 projects: 1 month
4. migrate all projects: 3 months

There is a distinct 1/5/10/all separation in ODL projects. The reality is you do not know until you have OpenFlowPlugin integrated, but you can come prepared if you've done bgpcep (and we do because it is MRI).

Summed up: the risk is "you do not know what you do not know". The only way to know more is migrate more projects.


P.S.: I will freely admit the most severe single hit this community has taken over all of those years is loosing Thanh. Two reasons: dedication and experience. I hope we will find someone to replace him, the sooner the better.

P.P.S.: It took 4 months to develop a major YANG Tools change. It took another 15 man-months to fully integrate that change. Executed as two steps. Both were a major pain. We are past that now. The mop-up is mostly peanuts.

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