Re: Git workflows

Robert Varga

On 15/08/2022 17:48, Andrew Grimberg wrote:
On 8/12/22 13:10, Robert Varga wrote:
On 12/08/2022 19:30, Andrew Grimberg wrote:

Coming into this a little late.

What is the paperwork we need to do to get this rolling? :)
As always, open a support ticket at

Please be aware that this may take a bit to get working as we haven't set it up ourselves. My experience with it was testing out the workflow on GerritHub [0]. Since the folks that run GerritHub (GerritForge [1]) are the creators and maintainers of the plugin that allows for this workflow to even exist at present.
You can test out the workflow with some personal GitHub repos by logging into GerritHub.
I'll take a peek later and follow up on the issue if it does not align with what we want to do.


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