2022.09 Chlorine status

Robert Varga


We have the MRI projects integrated and first slew of infra issues related to Java 17 being required addressed. Thanks Anil, Guillaume, Sangwook and Venkat for helping pushing this through!

The autorelease is up and running here: https://jenkins.opendaylight.org/releng/job/autorelease-release-chlorine-mvn38-openjdk17/buildTimeTrend
Build times are in the same ballpark as Sulfur, perhaps a tad faster.

CSIT is running here: https://jenkins.opendaylight.org/releng/job/integration-distribution-test-chlorine/ and has a decent enough pass rate.

There are a few issues to sort out:
1. Jolokia not running, subject to AAA-215/AAA-229
This affects especially clustered test, as they cannot access JMX and
thus inquire about shard status and similar.

2. There is no Old RESTCONF hence all /restconf requests fail with a 404
This is biting a number of test suites which still reference things
like /restconf/operational. There is also a number of CSIT shared
libraries using the same.

I have the fix for 1) ready to integrate, but it is going to take a day or two to land, as there is a slew of MRI updates to integrate as well (starting with karaf-4.4.1 and related security fixes).

Any and all help with 2) would be appreciated.


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