Re: [release] [OpenDaylight TSC] Sulfur code freeze for SR2

Robert Varga

On 20/08/2022 01:10, Robert Varga wrote:
On 18/08/2022 16:36, Daniel de la Rosa wrote:
Hello TSC and all... As mentioned in the other email thread, we are going to skip the code freeze from now on and move forward to pick a RC for Sulfur SR2. At this point, it doesn't look like we are ready to pick an RC based of what I'm seeing here but @Robert Varga <mailto:nite@...> please correct me if I'm wrong <>
Actually MRI projects have not been update since May due to all the churn required to get 2022.09 back on regular release schedule.
The critical issue here is, which has been resolved this week, so I am spinning releases out -- BUT!
This means catching up with backports across the board, so this might take up to a week (or more (*)).
This is all done now.


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