Re: 2023.03 Argon MRI bump

Robert Varga

On 24/01/2023 19.22, Robert Varga wrote:
Hello everyone,
after a few months of work, getting stuck in various places, the 2023.03 Argon MRI bump is ready here:
Upgrade guide is here and assumes Chlorine SR2 as the baseline.
I am rolling these changes in now, so we get a reading of CSIT before Code Freeze date.
I expect to drop another MRI update to upgrade Karaf and deliver a few other improvements/fixes that are under review. Also CSIT will probably shake out some things...
So the first-order merge has been done. I am now working on the secondary update, currently being at controller.

So far things are looking okay, except the mockito-5 upgrade is flushing out a few issues. I think I have them mostly sorted, so I expect to have things lined up tomorrow.


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