resolving the controller project/code base issues: process going forward

David Meyer <dmm@...>


As TSC members will recall, I set a date of 05/13/2013 to have
proposals for the single controller project on the table, and Rob
asked a few questions about this on today's TSC call. Now, while
not created as a collaboration between Cisco and BSN, we do have
two proposals on the table: the Dixion-Erickson proposal from the ODP
community (
and the Layered API Merged Controller Proposal from BSN

The process I laid out on 04/29/2013 stated that "If no proposal
can be created by Cisco and BSN" that the TSC would vote for a
controller code base/project on 05/14/2013 in a private ballot
(see that email for details). Again, the goal here is to remove
the uncertainty around code bases that is preventing an ODP
community of developers from forming as well as preventing us from
making timely progress on the artifacts that we want to

That said, the current state of affairs is that effectively we
have a proposal from the ODP community (the Dixon-Erickson
proposal) and a proposal from BSN. Consistent with the spirit and
intent of my email of 04/29/2013, unless clear community
consensus forms around one of these proposals before 05/14/2013,
the TSC will conduct a vote to choose one of these proposals as
the ODP controller code base/project going forward. Note that
while it is in the purview of the TSC to take such a vote, we
will vote only as a last resort.

In addition, please raise whatever questions you might have about
either proposal on the discuss list. Finally on this point,
additional information will also be provided by Rob relating to
the BSN proposal to be presented during the Technical Workstream
session on Monday, 05/13/2013, so please be sure to make that
call and have questions (if any) ready so we can make optimal use
of that time slot.

As I know you all understand but is worth reiterating here: the
uncertainty created by the lack of a single code base that
developers can start evolving and developing against is hurting
ODP, and it is our responsibility as a TSC to resolve this issue
in a timely fashion. Resolving this issue is sole intent of this



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