Lithium schedule and timeline

Christopher Price <christopher.price@...>


I’d like to raise a discussion on pushing back on the current time plans for the Lithium release by 2 weeks or so.
We have some ideas to work through with the community for activities we would like to incubate through the Lithium cycle.  The challenge we are facing is that our ability to have everything prepared in the current timeframe so close to Helium delivery is a little tough.  

The need (or our plan) to socialise activities at the summit and then work through the details of a proposal with interested parties and submit them for review would seem to benefit from a little more time prior to beginning the release cycle.

I understand there are many issues related to getting Lithium started and including needed process and infrastructure improvement activities, however it may be these activities could also benefit from a little breathing time to discuss and establish priorities after cutting Helium. 

Happy to hear feedback and considerations, it maybe a topic we could raise this week for discussion on the call.

/ Chris

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