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Robert Varga

Hello Phil,

thanks for updating the slides and keeping general track of this. After glancing through the agenda, several thoughts pop to mind:

I think Salon 5's back-to-back sessions really zero in on intertwined topics which I would like to attend. To that end I think it would be good if Tony lead Monday's BindingSpecV2 discussion and we had a follow-up in the Tuesday 2:30 slot -- the topic is certainly large enough to warrant two hours of focused discussions. As for the inter-project infra slot, I would love to have Colin and Vasu join in, so we open up the discussion with other alternatives besides maven.

For the 'Refactoring the Controller" discussion, I would champion Tony, Moiz and Maros Marsalek for leading that discussion since they really have enough know-how and pure stamina to get that job >90% done just among themselves :-). I think we need some TSC input there as well, as the obvious discussion around what is a project/git repo is bound to ensue.

Unfortunately I cannot attend both the versioning and HA sessions -- but I will prioritize versioning as it has been under-prioritized and we need to have it resolved by the time Litium ships. But on the HA side of things, we need an additional tie-in session. My thinking around that is the following:

1) Mathieu's Karaf session will start the lifecycle discussion
2) The clustering session will gather the HA ideas out there
3) The API session will explore some of the requirements
4) The versioning session will build up on 3)
5) Mark's persistence and backup&restore will gather further requirements around data lifecycle

We need a tie-in session, which will sum up the Salon 6's Tuesday sessions, specifically where we will combine these five topics above into a coherent HA + ISSU + data lifecycle story, which will cover most if not all the requirements brought up in 1-5 and drive the Lithium application design best practices.


On 09/22/2014 09:52 PM, Phil Robb wrote:

Hello TSC:

I have added the suggestions and submissions from the various email threads and have included them in the spreadsheets referenced below.  Nearly all of the provided topics have been assigned a place on the Agenda[0].  The only cases where a topic has not been put on the agenda is in the case of there being no clear discussion leader for the topic or over-booking of presenters.

There are still plenty of un-conference slots available so if folks want to discuss one of these topics and a knowledgable leader can be found onsite, the discussion will still happen.  It just won't be on the schedule prior to the event.

Please take a look and let me know if you would like to suggest any changes and/or re-prioritization of any topic areas at your earliest opportunity. I would like to post this soon so that those wanting to attend particular topics are able to plan their day(s) and those leading topics know when and where they need to be.



On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 6:12 PM, Phil Robb <probb@...> wrote:
Hello TSC Members:

I ask for your help and feedback in preparing for the Lithium Developer Design Forum scheduled for September 29th and 30th.

We will be running this event as a hybrid design-summit and un-conference.  We have a list of topics that have been pre-submitted by community members [0].  I have mapped those talks into a tentative agenda [1].  Along with those talks, we also have ample time and space allotted for un-conference topics to be decided and driven during the event.  I have weighted the un-conference slots more to day two with the expectation that the more formal discussions on day one will lead to follow-on un-conference sessions on day two.

Please take a look at [0] and [1] and let me know your thoughts; on content, timing/arrangement, etc.  Once we are good with this I'll have the PR folks post the agenda in a more public manner.

Thanks for your help with this.


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Phil Robb
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