Phil Robb

Hello Members of the TSC:

Please consider this email as a notice that the election process for the 2014 TSC Chairperson has begun.

As was discussed, This is a TSC Member self-nomination process only:
  - Only TSC members can run, and vote for the TSC Chair position
  - Nominations will only be accepted as self-nominations.  ie no TSC member can nominate another TSC member to run for election.
  - Full details of the TSC Chair Election Process can be found here [0].

The timeframe for Nomination and Election phases is as follows:

Nominations open: Today, 09.23.2014
Nominations close: Saturday, 09.27.2014 Midnight UTC (5:00pm PDT)
Voting begins: Monday, 09.29.2014
Voting ends: Friday, 10.03.2014 Midnight UTC (5:00pm PDT)

To nominate yourself for the TSC Chair position, please respond-all with your intent to run for the TSC Chair.  Also, you are welcome to post your picture, bio, and statement of intent to the TSC Chair Election page [1].


Phil Robb
Director - Networking Solutions
The Linux Foundation
Skype: Phil.Robb

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