release reviews from 9/24 and 9/23

Colin Dixon

Yesterday, we successfully did the release review for Defense4All during the normal daily release sync. You can find that information in those meeting minutes here:

Today, 9/24, we successfully conducting reviews for:
* Controller
* YANG tools
* OpenFlow Protocol Library
* Lisp Flow Mapping
* PacketCable PCMM
* Group Based Policy
* OpenFlow Plugin

We did not managed to do a release review for OVSDB as the relevant project contact was not present. George and/or Phil will reach out to reschedule this for tomorrow.

There were a series of consistent issues across projects:
1.) Most projects need to migrate their wiki docs to the asciidoc in the docs repo (or at least provide hyperlinks to the wiki documentation).

2.) All projects should have (short) release notes taking inspiration from the sample here:

3.) We need to find a way to get the release notes aggregated somewhere.


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