Re: [release] post-Helium-release branch cutting and version bumping

Robert Varga

I have updated to point to the jobs.


On 10/13/2014 06:02 PM, George Zhao wrote:

Hi Robert


Is where auto-release running for Helium






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Sorry for being ignorant: where can we see there auto-release job? Is there a wiki describing it? All I found was which does not seem to be terribly uptodate...


On 10/13/2014 05:08 PM, George Zhao wrote:

Confirmed from auto-release build, currently, except for sdni, snbi, vtn, plugin2oc, vtn and defense4all, all other projects are in stable/helium.
After these projects move to stable helium branch and integration, auto-release for helium and lithium build will resume.
Phil Robb <probb@...> wrote:

Wow!  That is really impressive.


Congratulations Colin, George, Thanh, and Release-Leaders for each project!




On Sun, Oct 12, 2014 at 1:19 PM, Colin Dixon <colin@...> wrote:

Thanks to Thanh and George for pushing on this.

As of Friday afternoon, we have all non-leaf projects (from a dependency point of view) set up with a stable/helium branch and with the versions on both their stable/helium branch and master branch bumped to allow for forward development. We're still tracking the progress of the remaining projects on this Google sheet [0].

Having this done only 8 days after the Helium release is a pretty impressive feat given the amount of human involvement for each project and having to navigate two clusters of cyclic dependencies.


Thanks again,


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