Re: SR deadlines for Lithium

Robert Varga

On 10/17/2014 09:35 AM, Lenrow, Dave wrote:
TSC members,
I don't see how we can reasonably enforce a deadline less than a week from now (10/23 cutoff to propose projects for Li SR) based on a draft schedule that has not yet been approved by the TSC. I think we've agreed on recent TSC calls that our failure to make a decision about SR schedule and approval is a de facto decision to slip. I think it only fair to the community that we allow some reasonable amount of time (TBD, but more than a few days) for folks to submit proposals after we have posted an approved plan with the applicable date(s).

The deadline that Rex has asked us to extend doesn't currently exist!
I think the TSC should clearly communicate its schedule for coming up with the schedule, so that projects know how long the vacuum is going to be and can plan/execute accordingly.


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