Re: Finalizing HackFest Dates Around OSCON

Thomas Nadeau <tnadeau@...>

I would agree with that approach Phil. I actually recommended that we do it a week earlier than that.  The concern is that the IETF is in Berlin starting the Sunday of that week.   For those that have to travel to California for the HackFest, flying all the way to Germany a two days later isn't going to be a good time so pushing that back as much as possible is welcomed.


From: Phil Robb <probb@...>
Date: Friday, May 31, 2013 3:58 PM
To: "tsc@..." <tsc@...>
Subject: [OpenDaylight TSC] Finalizing HackFest Dates Around OSCON

Hello TSC:

At the most recent meeting, the TSC decided to hold a HackFest coincident with OSCON on the 23rd and 24th of July (Tuesday/Wednesday) of that week.

After thinking about this, I want to raise an issue on having the Hackfest on the Tuesday/Wednesday during OSCON.

OSCON is partitioned into two activities that week.  On Monday and Tuesday, there are tutorial sessions on specific topics.  The cost of the Tutorial days is separate from the OSCON conference, and  the tutorials have a much smaller attendance than the regular conference.

Wednesday through Friday is the OSCON conference.  Starting Wednesday morning, Keynotes, and general OSCON sessions will begin.  As with many conferences, the first day is often the most well-attended, and content-rich.

I would suggest that we either do a two day HackFest on Monday/Tuesday (22/23), or do a single day HackFest on Tuesday the 23rd (to accommodate the desire for no weekend travel).  Since we are trying to get OSCON conference goers to attend the HackFest, I don't think we should create a conflict with the most important day of the event.

What are your thoughts?

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