possible SLA for new project infrastructure in Lithium

Colin Dixon

I'm starting a new thread to discuss this.

Currently, the plan [0] is to have new project infrastructure up 1 week after M1 modulo Thanksgiving. Phil has told me that Andrew agreed that should be doable.

Ed, does that work for you as an SLA?

Andrew and Thanh, we will have a better idea of the number of such projects as the deadline for participating approaches, but we currently have 6 outstanding project proposals [1] at least 4 of which I expect will join the SR. Do you guys have an idea of the number of new projects you can handle in that one week period and thus when/if we should be worried about meeting it?


[0] See the "New Project Infra" row in the schedule table here: https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Simultaneous_Release:DRAFT_Lithium_Release_Plan_ckd#Schedule
[1] I try to keep an up-to-date list here: https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/TSC:Main#Future_Topics

On Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 3:41 PM, Ed Warnicke (eaw) <eaw@...> wrote:
I would also say that at a minimum all projects need to have working infra prior to M1.

We can't do that because projects can, and likely will, have their creation review on the M1 date. That is that we can't *start* setting up their infra until after M1.

Fair point, can we talk to our amazing sysadmins 
a)  Being ready to deal with the expected projects
b)  What a reasonable SLA for provisioning would be there?

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