Lithium release plan milestone readouts

Colin Dixon

As Kent pointed out in his last mail [0], we really do want to explain what should be sent as a readout for each milestone, when and how.

Here's what I'm thinking, with requests for George to help. What do people think?

For "what"
George, would it be possible for you to put together a template for the information that should be reported for each milestone. Alternately, we could create a spreadsheet for each readout (as in Helium) and ask projects to fill it in.

In some instances, I'm certain there will be supporting information, e.g., in gerrit, jenkins or on the wiki, that should be linked to as well.

For "when"
I propose it be by 23:59:59 UTC on the date listed in the schedule. That's either 4p (PST) or 5p (PDT) Pacific time.

For "how"
It should at least be sent to the release list. Should we specify a subject line?


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