Re: Deprecation / removal of ${project}-{bugs, jenkins, gerrit} lists

Colin Dixon

This sounds like a really, really good idea. Bringing this up during the infrastructure update at the TSC meeting tomorrow also probably makes sense.


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> Subject: [OpenDaylight TSC] Deprecation / removal of ${project}-
> {bugs, jenkins, gerrit} lists

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> Since June all projects coming in have had their bugs & jenkins mail
> directed to the singleton mailing lists of the appropriate name and no
> Gerrit lists have been created in favor of having people setup their
> project watches in Gerrit directly.
> Information on all of this has been documented in the Communication wiki
> page [0]. I would like to get the blessing of the TSC to start the
> removal of the old ${project}-{bugs,jenkins,gerrit} lists as they are
> still a source of confusion to folks.
> My plan would be to inject into the various lists a deprecation mail (at
> a minimum every 2 weeks) with information on how to continue getting the
> traffic from the appropriate places and then to delete the lists in
> early January. This along with changing the description text on the list
> page to note the deprecated status should hopefully be enough to get
> folks to switch to the appropriate lists.
> I'm sure that there may be discussion about this. Either here in list or
> possibly during the environment update at tomorrows meeting?
> [0]
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