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Colin Dixon

Thanks for letting us know Mathieu. I second what Luis says above. I know it's a big decision and the OpenDaylight community and project will definitely benefit from having the extra hands, especially when they have your level of experience and expertise.

I agree that we need to start reaching out to other projects that logically fall into the broader IT stack and interacting with them wherever we can. From my own limited experience, it seems to work best when there are people that span both communities. The obvious example is Kyle and OpenStack, but we need more and I think we're ready for more now that we have a few releases under our belt.

We can partly lean on OPNFV to help, but we also need to do more. Perhaps we should put together a list of candidates and see where the interest is?

As far as growing out, I think our charter is fairly broad. I know Ed was fond of saying that he was pretty sure that a high-performance, 3D raytracing engine would fall out side of our scope, but beyond that he wasn't sure. I think the bigger questions would be: are we replicating work that's being done elsewhere? if so, is there a good reason? do we have community members who have enough expertise in that area to produce good code? if not, can we find them?

Thanks again for letting us know!

On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 7:21 PM, Luis Gomez <ecelgp@...> wrote:
That is very good news Mathieu and very wise decision IMHO, I am glad to have you and your team full engaged in OpenDaylight.

For the article itself, I do not share most of the information there and moreover I do not trust people that criticize or despise other alternatives, that definitely is not the Open Source spirit we have here and they try to sell ;)

You know Mathieu better than anybody that good ideas are welcome in our community regardless where they come from, so I see us much more a vendor-supported than a vendor-driven project

We definitely need to start inter-working with other SDN products and solutions like OpenStack, OpenNFV and any other, as well as come up with good use cases as we commented in the TSC call this morning. Unfortunately my different roles in ODL and outside ODL do not give me the bandwidth to contribute this but I will be happy to review and help implementing any proposal with the integration group.


On Nov 6, 2014, at 4:49 PM, Mathieu Lemay <mlemay@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I apologize if this may sound as "spam" to some but I wanted to give some news about me and my team. After Helium release, we took a step back to evaluate how we could best serve the OpenDaylight community for the advancement of SDN and NFV and the future of the project. With hydrogen we were downstream, with helium we were "upstream-first" and doing value-add and from now on we decided to go upstream-only. Indeed we will specialize around training, consulting , customization and support subscriptions only in a effort to promote serve and give everything we have to the community and OpenDaylight's user-base. In other words we are going all-in and I'm dispatching all our company resources to promote OpenDaylight.

I felt I wanted to share this information with you guys especially with alternatives coming to the market. This fragmentation is once again hurting adoption and I think we have a vibrant community of very smart people with lots of experience in OpenDaylight. As a "non-vendor" , I feel it is a bit my role to pass the message  that OpenDaylight is not only about vendors and that it can innovate while working with vendors. Purists often fail to see that legacy automation approaches are still needed in most real-world deployments and that FIB/PBR based protocols are only one piece of the puzzle.

Moreover, while I am aware that it is not in our current charter I would like to make a statement that the project will have more success if it can bring a SDN stack ecosystem (For example, Controller, NetworkOS, Network Container / VNE /vSwitch ) vs focus on a single component (controller).

It is always a pleasure to work with all members of the community and please feel free to reach out to me with any feedback you might have!

See you in the meetings!


Mathieu Lemay
President & CEO
Inocybe Technologies 
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