Re: Deprecation / removal of ${project}-{bugs, jenkins, gerrit} lists

Chris Wright <chrisw@...>

* Andrew Grimberg (agrimberg@...) wrote:
Since June all projects coming in have had their bugs & jenkins mail
directed to the singleton mailing lists of the appropriate name and no
Gerrit lists have been created in favor of having people setup their
project watches in Gerrit directly.

Information on all of this has been documented in the Communication wiki
page [0]. I would like to get the blessing of the TSC to start the
removal of the old ${project}-{bugs,jenkins,gerrit} lists as they are
still a source of confusion to folks.
Yes, yes, yes! Fewer lists, +1

My plan would be to inject into the various lists a deprecation mail (at
a minimum every 2 weeks) with information on how to continue getting the
traffic from the appropriate places and then to delete the lists in
early January. This along with changing the description text on the list
page to note the deprecated status should hopefully be enough to get
folks to switch to the appropriate lists.
This is a solid plan Andy!


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