Review process questions

Luis Gomez

Hi TSC colleagues,

In the project review page:

There is a paragraph:

• Creation reviews typically last about 20–30 minutes.
• People usually either bring slides or just use their proposal if it goes into sufficient detail.
• A few diagrams of the major components and how they interact are often useful.
• We conduct the meeting on IRC as well as WebEx, so it's useful to have the slides posted to the wiki before the meeting, that way we can link them in.
• You can find details about both the WebEx and IRC on the TSC page.
• The most common questions that come up are:
• What problem is being solved here? What is the scope of the project?
• How should we expect it to interact with other related components that are already in ODL?

May I add a third question:

* How would an user interact with it? any user story to illustrate?

Of course if the project is not doing anything for users (infra, etc…) I would not expect the project to answer the question.


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