Request for Adding More Documentation Committers

Mathieu Lemay <mlemay@...>

Dear TSC,

As per the unanimous votes in this e-mail thread. I would like to have Colin Dixon and Sujatha Joseph promoted as committers to the documentation project. I will be present the vouch on this item at today's TSC meeting.

Thank you all for your time.

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According to: there are eight current committers.


By my read, Mathieu, Andrew, Brent, and Paul (attached) have all voted +1 on both questions. 


Adding my own vote:

+1 for Sujatha

+1 for Colin


I believe that is now a majority who have approved the addition of these two.


BIG THANKS to Colin and Sujatha for all of your work thus far and congratulations on your pending elevation to committer.





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Subject: Re: [documentation] Request for Adding More Documentation Committers



+1 for Sujatha

+1 for Colin


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Subject: Re: [documentation] Request for Adding More Documentation Committers


hi, mathieu—


a +1 for both colin and sujatha.




On 11/18/14, 2:34 PM, "Mathieu Lemay" <mlemay@...> wrote:


Colin I completely agree. As such I would like to open a vote to nominate Colin and Sujatha for committer status.

Could you guys please vote for each nominee.

Colin Dixon (-1: No  0:Abstention 1:Yes)
Sujatha Joseph (-1: No 0: Abstention 1:Yes)

Please vote before Wednesday 19/11 midnight PST) as I would like to ideally be make the request at this week's TSC.

If this is too short let me know and I will extend the voting period and present at next week's TSC.

Thank you all for the good work!

On Nov 18, 2014 5:19 PM, "Colin Dixon" <colin@...> wrote:

So this seems to have petered out, but I think it would be really useful/critical to get more committers on the project.

To get some idea of what who was doing work during the Helium time frame, I generated the following based on the "Signed-off-by:" tags in git. They're more accurate than Author since the represent who worked on the patch not just who pushed the final version. I've attached the full data, but here's the trimmed data for people who were generally involved in docs and had more than one hit:

32   Signed-off-by: Mathieu Lemay <mlemay@...>
32   Signed-off-by: Colin Dixon <colin@...>
10   Signed-off-by: Sujatha Joseph <josephs@...>
3    Signed-off-by: Divya Shetty <dshetty@...>
2    Signed-off-by: Shahida <sthiruva@...> (one as sthiruva <shahidat@...>)
2    Signed-off-by: Moitrayee <mborah@...>

We also mentioned people in commit messages when the content was from them but they weren't submitting it. So, I just grepped the full git log to see that here's the results:

118  git log | grep -ci lemay
70    git log | grep -ci dixon
19    git log | grep -ci sujatha
7      git log | grep -ci divya
7      git log | grep -ci shahida
6      git log | grep -ci moi

In both ways of looking at it, seems like the obvious two additions to committers would be Sujatha and I. (I've said I'll serve as a committer if people want, but I'm not going to campaign for it.) Beyond that, Divya, Shahida and Moi made noticeable contributions as well.

Just to be clear, this is just looking at git logs and not lines of commits or participation in other areas.


Along those lines, it seems like the right way forward would be to open a vote to add Sujatha (and maybe myself) as committers and then encourage others to contribute and maybe we could add more during the lithium time frame



On Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 2:41 AM, Moi Borah <mborah@...> wrote:


Hello All Documentation Committers of ODL,


I am Moiand I am one of the technical writers who worked on the Helium project and currently involved in Lithium.


For the OpenDaylight documentation group, this is a proposal and a heads-up to increase the number of active committers who can review and integrate documentation builds in Gerrit.

For the Helium release, Mathieu Lemay was the only documentation  committer who was helped by Colin Dixon to publish the documentation.


If you have a name to volunteer, please do so by sending an email to this list and I can collate the list. After I collate the list of names, one of us will send out an email with the list of names and a request for votes. If you would  help us increase the number of committers by voting on the collated list once it is finalized, it would be a great advantage for the Lithium release.


If you have any other suggestion, please do let us know. If I missed anyone out, please do forward this email.






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