Re: [Project-proposals] Scheduling creation reviews for next week's TSC call (07/18/2013)

Brent Salisbury <brent.salisbury@...>

Dave, If there is room during any call for feedback and preferences by the
team on the OVSDB project would be great. Base code for the JSON/RPC calls
is done, but we are still grinding with 16hour days on transaction
parameters and some reasonable sane ways to represent them in Java.

I wanted to point out how many people have reached out to offer help and
guidance from the TSC to a couple nobodys from the community. particularly
Ed, Madhu, Colin, Phil, Benson, Anees and Rob. This spirit of
collaboration is why ODL has me and many of my friends and colleagues
support from outside the vendor community.


On 7/14/13 12:36 AM, "Anees A Shaikh" <aashaikh@...> wrote:

Dave, we'd like to include Open DOVE in the proposal creation reviews in
the next TSC meeting.

The proposal (and pointer to slides) was posted here:


-- Anees

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If you feel your project is ready for creation review during the next
TSC call (07/18/2013), please let the TSC know by responding to this
email and we will schedule time next week.


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