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Hi, Rob.

Just my opinion as an observer of the TSC: 

First, if the TSC ever needs such a mechanism, I'd suggest a web poll. It's much easier than asking somebody to coordinate between phone calls, emails, etc. (For example, I've used Doodle for such polls in the past - many other tools exist, and/or a private tool could be hosted on the OpenDaylight servers.)

That being said, I note that much of the TSC polling seems to be a result of conversational back-and-forth. It would be unfortunate to lose that kind of fast-acting collaboration. I think this is at the root of DMM's comment about having the authority of "quorum" at TSC meetings. So while it might make sense to have an async poll option in the TSC process toolbox, I'd discourage the TSC from relying on it too much.


On 4/25/13 2:07 PM, Rob Sherwood wrote:

I don't want to distract the call with this, but I think it's an important topic that we can hopefully take up on the mailing list: we probably should create a mechanism for allowing TSC members to vote asynchronously (e.g., via email) if they cannot make the call for what ever reason.  A bunch of us have heavy travel schedules and I'm trying to push for a reasonable policy before this becomes an issue rather than after.

I heard what Dave said about having quorum, but IMHO it would be great if we allowed, independent of quorum, people to "mail in" a vote under some sort of finite time window.    

Specifically, I thinking something like:

* If a vote is scheduled in advance, people can submit a vote anytime before the meeting on that issue.

* For any vote (scheduled or unscheduled), a TSC member who was absent from the meeting way submit a vote up until 24 hours after the TSC meeting.

* Legal methods for submitting a vote include phone call or email to a Linux Foundation representative (probably Phill Robb).  The Linux Foundation will then (as always) publicly post the result of the vote so if there is any discrepancy, it can be resolved as appropriate.

What do people think about something like this?  I'm not particularly hung up on any of the specifics here (e.g., if 24 hours is too long or short, if you don't want to allow "vote by phone", etc.) but I'd like to see something in this spirit setup.



- Rob

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