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David Meyer <dmm@...>

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 12:12 PM, Ed Warnicke (eaw) <eaw@...> wrote:
Please find enumerated below the comments of the TSC on the Boards TSC-policies doc.  In addition, please find attached
a redline of that doc.

This is an output of the 2013-04-25 TSC meeting. Please respond with any comments as to the fidelity with which these
decisions are captured in this email (I think I got it right… but many eyeballs make all bugs shallow :) ).

1. Comment to the Board: The TSC recommends replacing the word 'mature' in the 'Singularity' bullet with the word 'core'.

2. Comment to the Board: The TSC recommends striking the 'Effectiveness' bullet all together on the grounds that resources and priority are
driven bottom up, not top down from the TSC.

3. Comment to the Board: The TSC recommends striking the 'Productivity' bullet and replacing it with a bullet
"•      Simultaneous Release:  The TSC is responsible for organizing a simultaneous release of appropriate OpenDaylight Projects at regular intervals."

4. Comment to the Board: The TSC needs a lightweight mechanism to request an  adjustment of scope for the OpenDaylight project to the  Board of Directors as needed.

5. Comment to the Board: With regard to the “Reference forwarding elements” in the OpenDaylight scope, the TSC recommends an
alternate description of “Software for forwarding  elements”.

6. Comment to the Board: The TSC recommends adding an additional item to the
scope, that being “Plugins for inter-controller  communication”

Thanks Ed. This looks to accurately capture what we decided. Others: If you have corrections/discussion points/etc please get those to the list by COB and I will synthesize a package for the Board (hopefully by tomorrow if we can close on this list).



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