Re: Asynchronous voting mechanisms for TSC

Thomas Nadeau <tnadeau@...>

I guess any motions that are raised during the call, in cases where %100
of members are not there, must then also be sent out via email (with an
expiration date to absentee votes). Although we should count attendees at
the time its called.


* David Meyer (dmm@...) wrote:
Finally, we aren't
really making as much progress as I would like (you'll see an update
Phil on this) and as such using "quorum authority" helps us execute.
Here are a couple concrete steps we could follow to encourage more
email use:

1) require that all agenda items are added to the wiki w/in Xhrs/days
of the next call, and include a cc to the list (alternatively, we place
a watch on the agenda wiki such that updates are sent to the list)

2) use email to put forth motions allowing for time before meeting to
actually vote.

The goal of both of those is to push the bulk of the conversation
surrounding the topic to the list before a tsc meeting to streamline
the realtime part of the conversation.

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