Re: [committers] Nominated Candidates for the OpenDaylight Committer-At-Large TSC Seats

Luis Gomez

Hi committers,
Thanks for trusting me however I think both the existing TSC members and the other nominees are more suitable for this role so I reject my nomination.

On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 8:38 AM, Phil Robb <probb@...> wrote:

The following committers have been nominated for the OpenDaylight Committer-At-Large TSC seats:
  Madhu Venugopal, Ed Warnicke, Giovanni Meo, Brent Salisbury, Luis Gomez, Robert Varga, and Ryan Moats.

To each of the nominated committers above, I ask that you please respond to me Accepting, or Rejecting the nomination.  As soon as I have heard from each of you, I will start the election.


Phil Robb
Director - Networking Solutions
The Linux Foundation
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