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Abhishek Chauhan


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Subject: [OpenDaylight TSC] Regarding the impending TSC at large member election

As many of you may know, the TSC had decided (along with the ODP
community) that we would add two TSC at large members during this election cycle. However, a week I raised concerns with the impending at large elections and outlined several "unforeseen consequences" of the structure and wording of the current TSC charter (see [0]). While I didn't provide concrete steps forward in that email, in conversations with many of you it became clear that many of you would like to postpone the elections until the problems with the TSC charter were ironed out.

To that end, I want to take an up/down vote here on whether postpone the elections or to continue with the elections as we originally thought we would. To make this simple:

+1 means postpone the vote
-1 means continue with the plan to elect two at large TSC members

Finally, please vote in a timely fashion and note that this vote is for TSC members.



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