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Ed Warnicke (eaw) <eaw@...>

These dates seem a bit aggressive, especially given that we are positing an opening date
that is before the time it could be decided :)

I would suggest the following:

M0 - 5/5
M1 - 6/2 - Last day to join, publish release plans
M2 - 6/30 - Finalize release plans
M3 - 7/28 - Last call for CI (what does last call for CI mean?)
M4 - 8/25 - API Freeze
M5 - 9/29 - Code freeze
RC0 - 10/6
RC1 - 10/13
RC2 - 10/20
Final - 10/27

This allows reasonable time for new projects to get through the creation review process
and join the release, as well as allowing adequate time for projects to plan and cooperate.


On Mar 25, 2014, at 12:55 PM, Chris Wright <chrisw@...> wrote:

As nice as it is to bask in the glory of the's time to
get to work. My feeling is we are starting this late

This is a very skeletal DRAFT view of the Helium Release. Main purpose
is to highlight that we need to get going.

M0 - 3/31
M1 - 4/28 publish release plans
M2 - 5/27 (Tue for Memorial Day) finalize relese plans
M3 - 6/23 last call for CI
M4 - 7/21 API Freeze
M5 - 8/18 Code freeze
RC0 - 8/25
RC1 - 9/2 (Tue for Labor Day)
RC2 - 9/8
Final - 9/15

What can we trim down? What did we learn from last release that we need
to carry into this one?

- I think 2 months for release plans is too long and that we M1 as code,
so not just release plans
- I think CI integration should be a prerequisite (not in M3)
- We ignored API freeze
- We ignored Code freeze

Just an idea...perhaps we consolidate one milestone and do 6 wk 1st
interval and move CI forward?

M0 - 3/31 start - gather release plans
M1 - 5/12 1st code drop (CI integration required here)
M2 - 6/9
M3 - 7/7 no new features
M4 - 8/4 no new code (bugfix only)
RC0 - 8/11
RC1 - 8/18
RC2 - 8/25
Final - 9/2 (Tue for Labor Day)


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