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Rob Sherwood

Fwiw, I'm very supportive of this with the caveat that it may hard to find neutral names for things and we may need to open it up to suggestions.  Maybe using some sort of prefix like "boostrap-controller-1" and "bootstrap-controller-2"?  

I'm sure that this could be a long conversation, but fundamentally I agree with Chris's point.

- Rob

On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 11:39 AM, Chris Wright <chrisw@...> wrote:
I've been meaning to bring this up for some time now...

I believe we should establish some guidelines on project names.
The current bootstrap projects have named themselves in ways
that are not appropriate and create confusion.

The code under "controller" project is named "OpenDaylight Controller."
The code under "net-virt-platform" project is named "OpenDaylight SDN
Controller Platform."  While those projects may aspire towards those
names, they haven't, IMO, earned those names yet.

I suggest that names should be more like codenames (with appropriate
trademark vetting still done).

I suggest that the current names be changed to reflect the above

I suggest that the project lifecycle document be updated to take this
into account.  Perhaps as part of Graduation review, we'd allocate a
ODP-wide name that's no longer just the code name.

So, for example, we'd have proposal named HotSidewalk, which upon Graduation
(based on it's functionality) becomes OpenDaylight EggFryer.


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