Your VTN Proposal has been accepted into Bootstrap State

Phil Robb


I am pleased to inform you that the OpenDaylight project proposal titled "OpenDaylight Virtual Tenant Network" has been approved by the TSC for entering the BootStrap state.

The next step will be uploading the source code into the OpenDaylight repository.  To do this, you will need to choose a suitable repository name for the project.  You are not required to choose the name "VTN" for your repository, but if you do choose "VTN" it has already been pre-approved by the TSC.  If you wish to use another name, please send email to the TSC requesting approval for the name of your choice.  Please understand that the TSC is not recommending the name "VTN", but rather has pre-approved it on the assumption that "VTN" is the name you will want to use.

From working with the VTN code during the Inbound Code Review process, the admin team has had some difficulty in getting the project to fully build in the Jenkins CI environment.  Can you please indicate a contact for Andrew Grimberg (cc-ed) to work with in troubleshooting and fixing these build issues?

Thanks Yamabe-san, and congratulations on your contribution to the OpenDaylight Project.

Phil Robb
Director - Networking Solutions
The Linux Foundation
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