Agenda items for this week's TSC call?

David Meyer <dmm@...>

Please let me know if you have agenda items for this week's call.



Phil Robb

Hi Dave and TSC members:

I know that we have a standing agenda item for Hackfests for the TSC meeting, but I would like the TSC members to ponder this one a bit before the meeting.

As I stated last week, our proposed date for the HackFest *after* the one on Sept. 10/11 was slated for Oct. 29/30.  The Oct. 29/30 dates will not work as it is in direct conflict with the ONUG event in New York City and many of our participants will be going to that event.

With that said, here are some of the alternate dates, how they line up with the Release Plan, and what other events they conflict with:

* Oct. 8/9 - This is only 4 weeks after the Sept. HackFest and doesn't really line up with any Milestones
* Nov 12/13 - Lines up with Code Freeze (M5) but conflicts with SwiNOG (Switzerland), DENOG (Germany), and the Internet of Things event in London
* Nov 19/20 - Lines up with RC0 but conflicts with ICANN Buenos Aires, and LINX83 in London
* Dec 3/4 - Lines up with RC2 but conflicts with the 11th WTIS Symposium in Mexico City, and with PacNog in Fiji

The first decision that needs to be made (or revisited) is "do we need another HackFest after Sept. 10/11 before the release on December 9th?  The Sept 10/11 HackFest registration is thus far down with only 34 folks currently registered.  Based on past registration patterns, we will likely have less than 70 participants at the event.  This will be a reduction from the last HackFest we held in the San Jose area.

So for this week's TSC meeting, it would be good if we could resolve the following:
- What are the major items to be worked on at the Sept. 10/11 Hackfest?  Once identified, we need to get them posted onto the Wiki -- this may drive more registations.
- Who will coordinate the HackFest activities?  In the past this has been Chris Wright and most recently Ed. Warnicke.  Who will be leading the HackFest this time?
- Do we want/need another HackFest after Sept. 10/11 before the first release?  If everyone feels more comfortable and efficient using irc and their office set-ups for coding/testing/debugging in this late stage of the release, then maybe we shouldn't have an Oct/Nov HackFest.



On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 9:32 AM, David Meyer <dmm@...> wrote:
Please let me know if you have agenda items for this week's call.


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